December 12, 2022

Tips on how to improve your SEO on your WordPress website

When you own a business website that caters to the public, any visitors you have need to be able to search and find you. You want to also ensure that the SEO keywords they use to search are those that you also incorporate within your WordPress website content. That is why we have the best tips on how to improve your SEO on your WordPress website.
December 12, 2022

How to Attract More Visitors to your Website

Besides the content being as awesome as possible for great rankings, the content also needs to maintain visitor engagement after they click on your link. This is why you should have content written that is going to be remembered and is easily read. This is easily done by keeping the content unique and revealing how you set your business apart from your competition so that visitors are not stuck with the same old content.
November 7, 2022

How SEO can help boost your business

Creating any type of business involves putting a lot of work into it. This is especially true if you plan to grow your business down the road. This will require you to keep track of your entire operation from the management you provide and all the way to any services that you offer, which will turn into a sale. In order to attract the customers to make sales, your website needs to be optimized for SEO purposes. Once optimized, your website will be able to use SEO in the following manner to boost your business.
November 7, 2022

Advantages of Local Web Designers

When your business is local, you will have great benefits when your web designer is also local. No matter how advanced communications has become, being able to collaborate with an individual in person can provide a smooth relationship. A location is never able to decide on a project, however when an issue comes up, you are able to quickly resolve them. When you have a business website, you need to be aware of some advantages of local web designers.
October 3, 2022

The Importance of ADA Compliance for your Website

As a business owner, it makes sense to be concerned about your company and the people that visit your website to find out more. It's crucial to consider how your current and potential customers interact with your website to enhance their experience. You can better meet their demands and ensure that everyone has adequate access to your site by considering the needs of those visiting you online.
October 3, 2022

What is a Backlink and Why Do I Need One?

Backlinks sometimes referred to as inbound or external links, are hyperlinks that lead from one website to another. Backlinks are considered evidence of high-quality content that has the backing of other websites by search engines like Google or Bing. Search engine results pages, or SERPs, favor pages with more backlinks.
October 3, 2022

WooCommerce vs Shopify

Two e-commerce behemoths square off: WooCommerce vs. Shopify. Who wins? WooCommerce claims to be the most popular e-commerce platform on the web, while Shopify runs over 800,000 online stores. Shopify is reliable and easy to use. Plus, it offers powerful and stunning templates while providing top-notch customer support.
September 19, 2022

What's an Email Funnel and Do I Need One?

Santa Rosa online marketing experts have talked about the value of email lists and turning your prospects into devoted consumers for a very long time. How exactly do you turn subscribers who haven't made a purchase from you into devoted consumers is the question. An email marketing funnel can be the answer. You've probably heard of sales funnels and marketing funnels before, but let's take a closer look at email marketing funnels specifically.