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K2 Website Design provides professional WordPress website design services.

WordPress is a quality Content Management System (CMS) that is adored for its simplicity and customizable core. Almost 25% of new websites developed now are built using WordPress. WordPress powers over 50,000,000 websites on the web and has been a quality CMS framework choice for over eight years. on the WordPress framework.

Why You Need Professional WordPress Website Design Services

There are more than 74 million websites on the Internet that are currently using the WordPress CMS. While almost half of those are hosted for free on the WordPress site, the CMS accounts for almost 20% of all self hosted websites.

Why do so many people prefer WordPress? The CMS platform is flexible and easy to use. You can create virtually any type of site. Whether you want a video hosting platform like YouTube, or want an image based platform like Pinterest, or an ecommerce site to sell products, all that is possible through free or paid plug-ins and themes.

The CMS platform is not only SEO friendly, it is also easy to implement SEO through its inbuilt functionality as well as through SEO plug-ins available on its online platform. You can optimize images, apply Social Media integration, improve user experience and create XML site maps with a few clicks.

Custom WordPress Website Design

The CMS is easy to use even for people who do not have any technical expertise. So why do you need a professional WordPress Website design service? For a simple personal blog you probably don’t need to consult a professional. However, there are situations that call for professional expertise.


Businesses need to pay attention to the kind of brand identity they project to their customers and prospects. Your website’s typography, header images, logo, color scheme, among other factors will play a significant role in how people perceive your online business.

There are many themes online. However, businesses sometimes need a very unique look that projects the kind of personality that can impress prospects. Manually playing around with the CSS of the site may lead to disastrous results that may end up ruining your site’s image.

Security and Performance

How fast do the web pages on your site load? It needs to be fast enough to ensure that users don’t click away. Search engines are now paying a lot of attention to page loading speeds. A few seconds delay is enough for both people and search engines to view your site negatively.

You also need to think about the structure of the pages. It should be designed with the target visitors in mind. Additionally, a WordPress website developer from K2 Website Design can help improve the security of the site tapping into his expertise to pinpoint vulnerabilities.

Improving Conversions

The most cost effective way to increase the amount of money you are making from your online business will come from improving conversions. If the landing pages are not done right, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table. You could also be pushing away prospects that would otherwise make purchases through your site.

Increasing conversion rates requires a lot of expertise. The WordPress website designer needs to have a deeper understanding of how themes and plug-ins work. He also needs to be knowledgeable in the area of consumer psychology.

Conversion rate optimization involves a lot of design work based on UX design principles and best practices. There is also a need for A/B testing, optimization of images, tracking metrics and determining problem areas that may need to be improved. A lot of work goes into this process, but the results you’ll get will make the whole process worth it.


Search engine optimization is still the best way to get organic traffic streaming into your site. Poor WordPress website design will reduce page load times, send away traffic, and prevent your site from taking full advantage of SEO to bring in targeted visitors to the site.

You may want to contact a professional developer from K2 Website Design. Instead of relying on guess work, or conflicting information you got online, you can get a developer to ensure that Keyword mapping, web page structure, micro data, among other SEO factors are implemented correctly. SEO can be complicated and time consuming especially for the average user without the technical expertise to fully understand these concepts.

You can get a highly proficient WordPress website developer to work on your WordPress site to ensure it has the right design that will help you get the most of your online business. Contact K2 Website Design today if you need a developer.

WordPress has been developed to maximize the ability for your website to interface with search engine robots and will move your website up on search engine ranks faster than static HTML websites. WordPress is also easy to customize and update without any knowledge of website code.